My Favorite Golf Balls

Bridgestone e12 Soft

Bridgestone e12 Soft is aimed at golfers who prioritize a soft feel, forgiveness, and added distance. It is suitable for players with moderate swing speeds who want to maximize their performance on the course.


I use Bridgestones when I'm practicing or playing a new course. The matte yellow color is good for when I hit extra shots during practice rounds. I also like the way the ball stops around the green. If I'm playing multiple rounds during the week this is also a good choice because my swing speed isn't as fast.

Callaway Super Soft

With its ultra-soft feel and forgiving nature, the Callaway Super Soft is popular among golfers who prioritize distance, a soft touch, and straighter ball flights. It is suitable for players of all skill levels, including those with slower swing speeds looking for improved performance and enjoyment on the course.


I have the best accuracy and distance performance with the Callaway Supersoft. This is my go to ball when I play target courses such as Troon North and I need to be accurate on slender fairways. The three stripes are extremely helpful when locating my ball among other white balls.

Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x is designed for golfers who demand exceptional performance, distance, and control. It is suitable for players with a wide range of swing speeds. The ball has a responsive urethane cover that provides excellent control and greenside spin. This cover allows players to have precise control over their shots, especially when approaching and around the greens.


I use this ball mostly for tournement play and when I know the greens will be fast. Playing mostly in the desert, this ball is good around the green and chipping. For the most part I have better luck controlling this ball when I need to make flop shots around the green.



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