New Golf Season, New Heights: Embracing Structured Practice

As I sat on the Costa Rican beach and meditated, I thought about my golf game and the goals I want to set for this season. Last year, my primary focus was on lowering my handicap index. In theory, I had a good idea, but there were a few steps that I hadn’t realized were necessary before significant changes¬† could happen. I needed to purchase fairway woods to help shorten the distance gap in my bag. I also took lessons to improve my striking technique with my irons. Finally, I had to get into the gym to strengthen my body, gain flexibility, and improve my balance.

Now, I have the mechanics, the equipment, and the strength. All that’s left is for my mind to follow suit. This year, my aim is to empower myself mentally to play to my fullest potential. I have everything in place to shoot sub 90 in every round. I simply have to BELIEVE that I can.

So, how do I measure my mental toughness? How do I strengthen my golf confidence? I’m not entirely sure… All I know is that if I put in the work the universe will determine my results.

And I do know how to put in the work….

Last year I’ve learned the importance of practicing with a purpose by keeping stats during my golf rounds. Here is where I determined what areas of my game needed the most work. Like most people those areas were chipping and putting. I used Complete Confidence Signature Course as my range session template. I’ll continue to use these drills this year.

This year I wanted to put together a more strategic practice plan. So I’ve decided to construct a 3-week workout/range schedule each month. First 3 weeks I am going to follow the Signature Course and also my golf gym plan. The final week will serve as a reflection period to assess how the month went, what improvements I’ve made, and if there are any areas of discomfort (if any) that need attention for the following month. August’s schedule is already queued up and ready to go!

One big take away from my yoga trip was how I felt about morning workouts. I usually work out mid day or afternoon but on the retreat we had beach meditation and then yoga first thing in the morning. My main focus for this month is to get back into a routine. It takes approximately 30 days to establish a habit. I am committing to myself to a 6AM workout/range session 3x a week.

Here’s what I have planned for the first week of August.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



Putting Gym



Chipping Gym



Putting YOGA


I’m excited to see where my golf journey continues to go and with a more structured workout schedule, I’m hoping I can see some small wins faster on the course. Let’s put in the work and see what the universe has in store!

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