Adapting Priorities: Balancing Golf, Recovery, and Life’s Essentials

Reflecting on this month, I find myself acknowledging that I haven’t made much progress with the workout and range plan I had set for myself. In the midst of it all, my priorities have shifted. I’ve come to realize that I had been placing an excessive emphasis on golf, neglecting other crucial aspects of my life – particularly, my recovery and work commitments.

It’s worth mentioning that I am on a journey of recovery from alcohol and drugs. This path has led me to nearly three years of being clean and sober. Interestingly, my venture into the world of golf coincided with my commitment to sobriety. While golf had always been a part of my life, it was about three years ago that I decided to take it seriously, striving to establish a handicap. I ventured into tournaments, predominantly male-dominated, and later joined a women’s golf circle in Phoenix. This community allowed me to participate in women’s leagues and even embark on a memorable golfing expedition to Ireland with sixteen other passionate female golfers.

Remarkably, my journey in golf served as a therapeutic outlet for the anxiety and apprehension that accompanied my sobriety journey. However, now that I’ve attained a stable state of sobriety, I’ve found that I need to re-calibrate my approach. While golf remains important, it’s become evident that my spiritual well-being takes precedence. When my spiritual balance is maintained, I’ve noticed that I perform better not only as a golfer but in all aspects of my life.

My goal is to continue progressing in my golf journey, but I’ve come to a realization in recent weeks: in order to do that, I must ensure my spiritual journey remains intact. My spiritual grounding is what prevents me from slipping back into old habits. As I’ve learned, losing my spiritual focus would put me at risk of falling back into unhealthy patterns, risking everything I’ve built over the past few years, including my growth in golf.

My perspective towards golf has evolved as well. I’ve realized that I don’t want to burden myself with excessive seriousness, which had inadvertently crept in over the last year. Don’t get me wrong, I value the determination and persistence I’ve displayed, but I’m recognizing the need to extend some compassion towards myself and just embrace the moment. Whether it’s visiting the range at my convenience or hitting the gym when I feel like it, these are practices that contribute to not only my golf game but also my mental and physical well-being – all of which are integral to maintaining a robust spiritual foundation.

Another revelation I’ve had pertains to managing my work hours. It’s important to acknowledge that I’m not a professional golfer; practicing and playing golf isn’t my primary source of income. Hence, I’ve come to the realization that I cannot compromise my work hours for extended golf sessions. My financial responsibilities take precedence, and this understanding has allowed me to strike a better balance between my commitments.

In closing, I’m not abandoning my pursuit of becoming a single-digit handicap golfer, nor am I forsaking the joy of playing golf, especially when the season is in full swing. Instead, I’m adopting a mindset of grace and placing my fundamental priorities first – my sobriety and my financial stability. Only when these pillars are solidly in place will I wholeheartedly embrace golf.

Golf is an enduring journey, and my aspiration to improve and make a mark in both local and national golfing spheres remains unwavering. Yet, for now, I’m choosing to ease up on the self-imposed pressure and see where this new approach takes me. Who knows, perhaps by granting myself this space, I might just reach that coveted single-digit handicap faster than I ever anticipated!

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